Friday, February 27, 2009

The snow, Spain, and jobs

Well hello again everybody in the inter-google. We have some important breaking news... Steve has finally convinced some English suckers to employ him! Whoop whoop! It probably has a lot to do with his dapper dress sense and that snappy tie. He is working at Tower Hamlets Homes (part of the Tower Hamlets Council) as a communications officer, starting last Friday. Steve probably smells, cos his boss did not have her contract renewed on Friday afternoon and promptly left... oh what fun!

So it has been a while since you were bored by our travels, so this one might be a little long - but we'll make sure there are heaps of pictures or pix as they are known on the hyperweb.

Snow Day(s)

As you may already have heard it snowed in London last month. It was quite a bit of snow as you can see. This is our street with snow.

The white stuff seemed to bring out the best in people - even the grimy Londoners. It also meant that we had to have a snowball fight with the local kids - they won apparently...

According to the papers here after the snow came the terrible crack foxes and hoards of rodents and the black super squirrels. The snow also caused the roads to explode and cost the country all of its money for ever. Luckily for us we were able to hole up in our room watching movies, and missed most of it :)

Here are some pictures of the neighborhood and the Brixton markets (just down the hill).

Its all really Afro-Carribean and has some interesting sights - dried fish heads anyone?

Now for Espanyola!

We went to Mallorca (or Majorca in English...) in the search of sun and beaches. We definitely got the beaches, but the sun only showed its pretty face for one of the four days so we are still pasty white. We did lots of the typical holiday in Spain things, like:

Stayed in a dodgy Miami style hotel with the Spanish chapter of Grey Power - we were on the first floor directly above the "night club" and were kept up most of the night by the over 60's reliving their youth - which was obviously quite frisky!

Ate paella and tapas, and drank sangria in the sun (well, on one day at least).

Got lost down little back streets.

Hung out in amazing churches and galleries.

Among the less typical things we did were:

Arriving, by chance, on the weekend when Mallorca and the surrounding Baleric islands celebrate becoming semi-autonomious from Spain.
Not that exciting - but they had amazing markets and free wine and sausage tasting as well as "the human tower competition" (pretty sure its not called this but it describes what they got up to).

They also had toffee apples... yum!

We also caught this really cute old train to Port Sollier.

The journey was super, and like it said in the guide book, you could pick oranges and lemons from the train as it travelled across the country side.

It was quite nice...

Really quite nice