Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before we start with Turkey...

Before we start with Turkey there are a few things about Ol' London that we should note:

1. Croydon is really a below average day out, followed by Crystal Palace - well Crystal Palace does have a big park but it's a bit grim. The National War Museum and the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat race were much more fun. It is deceptively hard to actually see the boats racing however as you can see...

2. English people are surprizingly funny and polite at work, and maybe a little useless on occasion.

3. And despite having short ad breaks and some top shows, English TV is decidedly average. But the ads in between the English international football games are great.

4. You can buy beer at the petrol station, not that the English encourage drink driving - also bike helmets are optional.

5. Double-decker bus rides are like tour buses except there is no guide to point out what is important and interesing. The tube however is not like an underground roller coaster.

6. Surprizingly there are no canarys in or around Canary Wharf, there are also no Elephants or Castles at Elelphant and Castle. London Bridge does have a very pretty bridge though.