Monday, December 1, 2008

London town

This be London...

No that's tricks, this is Sarah out the front of Hamish and Anne-Marie's house in Reading. Not London, but very close.

So what have we been up to? Steve got a haircut but no job.

Sarah has no haircut, but has a job!

Woo hoo. National Portrait Gallery look out!

We also have a pad now, in Brixton. Living with two Australian brothers and a couple of Brits. Its a big room on the 4th level, with it's own on suite - very nice! The last girl staying here, even installed a microwave and a kettle which she left for us. Thanks former room owner.

Brixton is quite an African area, so plenty of Jamacian food about and the famous Brixton Market. Also the Brixton Academy is just down the road, where people like the Kings of Leon, Radiohead and the Ting Tings play.

Went to Bristol and hung out with Matt and Shara. First proper Sunday roast with Yorshire pud!

We have also checked out a few of the museums and galleries about the place. It feels a bit like the Brits stole all the good stuff from all over the world and put them on show for tourists - like Sarah and Steve!

A couple of things that are surprising:
  • Riding double decker buses is awesome
  • There is fried chicken - everywhere, and its shockingly cheap, Kenny's Fried Chicken (KFC) anyone?
  • The local dairy (the off liscence or offie) and supermarkets sell spirit liquor, and if you like cider you can get 2 litres for less than a pound.
  • And cheese is cheaper than back home! - why?
  • Squrrel's in the garden.

A few things that are not so surprizing:
  • English customer service is impressively bad. Way worse than Germany and back home even.
  • Its cold and often wet and sun goes down around 3.30. That's not its on its way down - that's it is now proper dark, turn on the lights.
  • The underground is grimy and not that reliable, and the further you go down the darker your bogies get.

Alrighty then, bye for now!