Friday, November 28, 2008

Fun times with the Germs

Okey pokey, its been a while and we promised some photos so here we go...

Munich, Germany.

This is Sarah in Munich skipping her way to breakfast

We found this on the way...

and this is Steve at breakfast looking a little rough, but happy, because yes those are delicious german sausages on saurkraut, with a pretzel on the side. Oh and is that a beer on the side I spy. With that mess of hair and beard - Steve fits right on in...

Ah the beautiful couple, inside the town hall which features the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, which looks alot like this...

We then went on a great free walking tour with Travis from Oz. He had the best Dali Mo ever. The tour took us all over Munich, apart from all the amazing architecture, the highlight was his knowledge of Nazi Germany - apparently Hitler was from Munich (or there abouts) and the whole Nazi movement was started in the city. He showed us memorials to Jews who died there, but they were all so subtle that most people did not even know they were there or understand their meaning. It made us wonder about how well the people of Munich were managing some the difficult history of the city.

We found the market

Is that the cheese shop smile - ah delicious fromage!

And got some kick ass lunch!

which we ate in the park

We also went to the Museum, which was really quite neat
Turns out it has the largest puppet collection ever. There were quite a few puppets there.

And we checked out some churches

and then the camera ran out of batteries...