Sunday, November 2, 2008

And we are off...

Up at 4.00am 29 October - sore eyes and dopey. Over 9,000km 10 and a half hours, 3 meals, 2 movies and one episode of the Simpsons later we are in Japan!

Woo hoo!

Things to note thus far:
  • Its sooooo good to have a friendly face when you arrive - thanks Fran.
  • Nothing opens till after 11am, so its good for sleep ins, not that we have been able to yet...
  • Toilets that look like spaceships with seat warmers and water jets are awesome!
  • Japanese style should never to be underestimated or sacrificed for comfort. Guys - wear your suit and tie on a bush walk, and don't forget your briefcase.
  • Plastic food in shop windows.
  • Japan has Crows - big black ones the size of a really big seagull, and they are everywhere, as are really big spiders - I mean really big spiders.
Now for some photos!

Sarah and her new rock-a-billy friend.

Steve and his buddah buddy

Sarah and the big buddah

More buddahs! - from the shrine of 1000 buddahs

Keep left...

Tommy Lee's leather pants

It does get a little busy in Japan