Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All right then!

Whew! What a full on last couple of days.

Just like to put out a big THANK YOU, you are awesome, to Hamish and Anne-Marie!

So in total now we have been to:
Narita Airport (twice)
... and Reading town 

Top 5 from Japan:
Hanging with the rock-a-billies and Cos play kids at Harajuku in Tokyo
The shrine of 1000 Buddah's at Kamakura
Roller coasters

Top 5 from Germany
Beer for breakfast
The beer tour with Iain from Wilkshire (and the free walking tour with Travis from Australia)
Pretzels and beer
Sausages and beer
The beer and cheeses and meats at the Saturday market

Not so fun things:
Americans - pretty much all of them. 
Sniffing and hocking noises at 5 or 6 in the morning.  Especially the noises coming from the Americans in our bunk room - just blow your nose, its not hard
German tipping rules - what are they? We didn't even know they tipped. How does it work, its soooo confusing
Plastic vodka bottle tops that break in your bag and then all your clothes smell like fejoa which is nice but they also smell like vodka, which is not so nice. 

Pictures and other interesting stuff soon... promise!