Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Electric town

A few more days into the adventure and both our feet really hurt now! There are lots of things to note now, including:
  • Robots are awesome, as are trains and godzilla.
  • More people need to collect vintage video games like these:

  • Rollercoasters are more fun if they are a little dodgy and you could actually fall off. This is us on the way to one.
  • Steve walked...
  • Sarah rode...
  • New Zealand should take Japan's lead an invest in more travelators, there is nothing better than walking faster without having to try to. Light speed!
  • Its really easy to get lost when there are no street names.

More photos:
mmm marbled meats...

Pachingo, like the pokies except way louder

A rocket bike, well maybe just a macking scooter.